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Related post: Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 17:21:35 -0700 (PDT) From: Jeff Spencer Subject: Queer Factor, Part 1 (t/t, oral)This is a completely fictional story of sex among teenage males and bbs pussy model pics under aged boys. If you're not supposed to be reading, because you're too young, or it's illegal where you are, then don't read it. Please make a donation to the free board that posted this, too. This story, like all of my stories, bbs teen password is copyrighted, and wholly my property. fashion teen models bbs Stories by Jeff Spencer can be found at www.nifty.org, at the "Prolific Internet Authors" page, under the name, Jeffspencer. Any use other than personal must be preceded by a grant of permission for use. If you enjoy this story, please drop me a line at ecolio157h700yahoo.com to let me know. All letters are answered!=========================================="Dude, that's the show where people eat horse shit and stuff!" I said, looking at Bobby."Doofus, I didn't say it was `Fear Factor,' I said it was LIKE `Fear Factor.' Anyway, it's not a show. It's like some guy, that's all," Bobby, my friend of 13 years, responded.My name's Eric, Eric Wright. I'm 19, and a sophomore at State College. My friend's full name is Bobby Miller. He's 18, and a freshman. We were discussing, well, arguing really, about a `job' that a guy Bobby knew had told him about."The guy said we just had to do some stunts, competing against some other people, and if we were the best, we could win $10,000. I KNOW you could use half of that, right?" Bobby said, using his usual logic. "You and Rita are looking to get married, right? Well, 5 grand could get you started.""Yeah, that's a good point," I said. "So, did he like, rough sex bbs post ask for both of us or what?""Yeah," Bobby said. "At first he asked if I'd be interested in doing it, and when I suggested you might be interested, he got kind of thoughtful. He said, `Is that the guy who plays on the lacrosse team?'""He said that?" I asked."Yeah," Bobby said."I wonder if I know him or something," I said."Naah, I don't think so," Bobby said. "I think he wants to combine `Fear Factor' with a horror movie, and naturally, your face came to mind-" Bobby's comment was cut off when I mock choked him."Yeah, Bobby, your face and my ass!" I said. It wasn't clever, but I'm more about looks than brains. Not teen bbs post to brag, far from it, but most girls think I'm pretty good looking, and I AM athletic, but I'd be the first to admit that when God was passing porn movie bbs out brains, I thought he said `trains,' and asked for `one that goes in circles.' Bobby's more of the thinker, so I depend on him sometimes to make decisions."So, do you think it's alright?" I asked.Bobby said, "I dunno, Eric. But I know I need the money badly. I'm not making enough at my job to stay bbs boys and girls in school, and since they cut my scholarship, I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out where shocking bbs pics ilegal the money'd come from.""That `Chippendales' thing fell through?" I said. Bobby smacked my shoulder."Prick," he said, grinning. Don't get me wrong, Bobby's a pretty good looking guy, but he's tgp bbs free erotic only about 5' 4" to my 6' 2", and 130 pounds to my 180. His face is really easy to take, and he could always get a girl, but when they were looking for a cock high school teen bbs to service `em, well, they'd all heard about his 3" wonder, as in `I wonder if Miller HAS a cock!' I kinda thought he was envious of my 9" cock, but I'd never hold it against him, and I hoped he wouldn't hold it against me."Well, let's check it out," I said. "We could both use the money. Tell him `yeah.'" I looked at nude children pics bbs Bobby, and he grinned back at me."Oh, please, sex links bbs protect me, Eric!" he mock-pleaded. I just rolled my eyes in an exasperated manner.Later that afternoon, Bobby came back to the dorm room we shared, and said, "It's on for tomorrow, at a house in the Riverside development.""Are you shittin' me?" I said. "That's amateur tgp bbs rompl where all the bucks are! People livin' there are rollin' in it! Gotta be legit, at least as far as the money goes!""Well, get some sleep, man, you never know, maybe we WILL be on TV, and ya gotta LOOK good," Bobby said."Yeah, you'll look GOOD eatin' horse shit," I said.The next day we both got dressed down. We didn't want to look too anxious, and if this real people show was like some of the others, we'd probably have octopus brains or clam ovaries or something bbs child ilegal on us, so why take a chance? I had the universal jock uniform of sweats on, and Bobby was wearing a tee shirt and khakis when pedo kids bbs pics we arrived at the place."Dude, there is serious money here," I whispered when I pulled my junker `stang up to the curb."Yuh," Bobby replied, his gaze transfixed by the mansion in front of us. "Let's go, huh?"There was even somebody to anser the door, a maid, not a butler like I expected, but still cool. We were greeted by a kind of creepy middle aged guy, but after talking to him for a while, he turned out to be okay. After taking our names, he explained that we'd be doing some competitive stuff with 2 other guys, just like in shows like `Fear Factor,' but that it was just for his personal entertainment, not like a TV show or anything. He had us sign some forms, which we barely looked at, bbs ru teeny jpg as he had this super hot babe standing by, and she kept distracting us.The girl took us downstairs, to a big basement that was really big, I mean REALLY big. There was a kinda fake lookin' living room off to one guestbook bbs gallery side, fake lookin' because there wasn't anything else around it, like a TV or something. Behind it there was a whole bedroom thing, with a pedo pics rape bbs big bed and end tables on either side. We met 2 other guys about our age who were standing around, looking only best nonude bbs as confused as Bobby and me. The guy introduced us to them, they were named Mark and Jeff. Mark was a normal looking guy, y'know, average, about my size, with black hair. Jeff was a little shorter, and chunkier, and had red hair and pale skin.There were a bunch of other people off in another room, I could hear them talking. I mean, that was a BIG room! Anyway, the guy started telling us what was up, and I was shocked! I could see that Bobby was, too. The guy started out by Teen fun bbs explaining that the 4 contestants (me, Bobby, Mark and Jeff) would get a series of challenges, and that the competitor doing the worst at each challenge would be eliminated until there was one who'd be the winner. That was fine, it was what he said next that caused the problem."For your first challenge, you'll be giving a guy a blow job. The 1 out of the 4 of you who takes the longest to get his guy to cum in his mouth, loses. Then 3 of you'll go on to the next challenge, while the 14yr bbs first round loser leaves." Well, you wouldn't believe the rompl jpeg bbs yelling at that point. I KNEW I wasn't gay, though link jpg bbs I'll admit guys' bodies could sometimes be good lookin', and Bobby turned all white lookin', so I knew he wasn't gay either. The other 2 guys I don't know about, but from their protests, I didn't think they were gay either.The guy rape bbs forum looked amused at our complaining, and threatening to leave, and finally said, "Very well, what if I told you I'm raising the prize for the winner to $250,000, and for the other 3 contestants I promise a guarantee of $75,000? Each." Well, we all quieted down then, and you could see that we were thinking it over. I thought about it, preten bbs russia and I thought that it didn't really mean anything. I mean, it's just like jacking a guy off, really, and although I'd never done anything like jacking another guy off, I'd heard plenty of stories from very young naked bbs guys on the team who'd either jacked another guy, or knew someone who had.I looked at Bobby, and he looked like he was gonna throw up. amateur bbs teen pics "Whadda you think, Bobby? That's a lot of money. We could both do tgp bbs 16 a lot with that kinda dough," I said."God, but suckin' a guy's dick, Eric! I've had a lot of nightmares about stuff like that," he said."Well, if you maybe just think about it like jackin' off. I KNOW Young models bbs you do that! So, just think cp bbs movies like you're bbs toplist jackin' another guy off. I dunno what else to say," I concluded. Bobby looked somewhat relieved after thinking it over, and mumbling, "I really COULD use the money."We looked at the other 2 guys, Mark and Jeff, and they both shrugged. Mark said, "Man, I could REALLY use that money, I need girl bbs pics new wheels like you wouldn't believe," and Jeff nodded. "Yeah, I got a small business I started up, I need the cash.""I see you've all come to the proper decision! Good! Now let me introduce your, um, `challenges.' Emil, send them in," he said to bbs young nudist a fruity looking guy standing by the other room, and the fruity guy said something to someone inside. Out came 4 guys, who looked like they little teen kds bbs were college students, too. I had to admit, a couple weren't too hard on the eyes, for guys, anyway. I was thinking if they were some kind of ogres I wouldn't like that (not that I liked this ls models bbs anyway). They stood over by the door to the room, away from the 4 of us."You'll give your assigned challenge a blow job in turn, and as I said, speed of his orgasm is the primary determinant of who among you will advance. Assuming that you ARE capable of bringing your challenge to orgasm, a contestant who fails to catch the fluid in his mouth AND swallow it, will be disqualified. Do you understand?" We all of us nodded, and the guy again said, "Good! Mark, you will be first.""What do I do?" he said. I sniggered at that."I guess you blow free bbs pornsites the guy," I whispered to Bobby. He smiled shakily, but still looked pale.The host led the first challenge guy over to bbs pictures porno the sofa, and whispered in his ear. The guy nodded, and unbuckled his belt, and slid his pants down his legs. His legs were pretty hairy, and the guy had an 8" uncut prick lying all pedo bbs dark fuck droopy like between his legs, between what looked like 2 fat balls inside his hairy sack. He had a good sized bush of curly brown pubic hair all around the base of his cock, too."I ate out a girl with a bush like that once," I said to Bobby. "I thought I was gonna throw up when one of the hairs got stuck in my throat." Bobby frowned at me."You're not making me feel any better!" Bobby hissed. "Would you just shut up?""Sorry," I said. "I was just saying.""Mark, if you would," the host guy said, calling Mark over to the sofa. "Your challenge is demonstrably straight, as are you, I'm sure, so you'll need to draw on all your resources to excite him, then to bring him to orgasm. Good luck," he concluded.The challenge guy was kind of sprawled out on the sofa with his legs spread, his dick looking kind of bored, and Mark went over and kneeled between the bbs porn cp free guys legs, and put his hand around the guy's dick. He started strokin' like he was jacking him, and the guy's dick started taking an interest in the proceedings, perking up like it was wakin' up, His dick was uncut, like I said, and started peeking out of the hood of skin covering it, and it got bigger and bigger, and seemed to finish up at about 8", but really skinny.Then Mark brought his mouth over to the guy's prick, and I felt a stirring or 2 in my own rod when he clamped his mouth over the guy's fat cock head. I wasn't sure if I saw some precum dripping down the head, out of the piss slit just teens bbs post before his lips closed over it, it might have been my imagination, I guess. I could see Mark's cheeks sven bbs girls swelling out ever few seconds, bbs sex picture so I thought he might be swirling his tongue around the guy's dick head. I found myself hot bbs girls wondering what it must teen bbs password feel like. Not getting the blow job, I'd had plenty of those, but giving it, and found my 11 yr pedo bbs own tongue moving around. In sympathy with Mark, I guess.I looked nudist bbs crack over at Bobby, and his mouth was kinda going around, like he was imagining he was giving the guy a suck, it seemed to me. I grinned and said, "Enjoying the BJ?"Bobby said, "Shut up!" but he didn't look that mad. He went back to staring at Mark sucking the guy's long prick. Pretty soon, the guy put his hand on the back of Mark's head to pull him closer, then jolted his hips upward, thrusting free adult bbs his cock deep into Mark's throat. Mark looked like he was gonna blow his lunch, and pulled his head way back to get the dick out of his throat, where it had kicked off his gag reflex. Just as he pulled his mouth off the guy's penis, the guy blew his wad. I thought Mark was gonna, er, blow his chances teen video bbs by letting his cum end up on his leg, but illegal rompl bbs the guy came so hard, and Mark jumped so fast, that he pedo bbs nudes caught the guy's load in his mouth, then covered the guy's drooling prick with his lips to catch the rest. His adam's apple bobbing up and down showed that he was swallowing the guy's sperm."7 minutes, 34 seconds!" the host guy proclaimed. "That is the world teens bbs mark the rest of you must beat." Mark got up and stood over to the side, away from the rest of us, while the other guy left. I guess something had changed. I mean, he was a queer now, right? "Bobby?" the host said. "Your turn." Over came one of the guys from the room, a guy who looked a lot like me. A handsome guy, right? He he. The guy went over to the sun bbs sofa where the first guy had sat, and in one motion pulled his pants down and sat, spreading his legs. He was pretty imageboard bbs young near hairless, like me, which, given that Bobby had looked like he was gonna puke when I told the pussy hair story, I thought was a blessing, sorta.His cock was non nude loita bbs already kind of erect, but probably everybody had some kind of partial erection at that bbs little sex point, at least I did. The guy's dick was bbs hard sex fairly small, maybe 4", but japanese teenies bbs fat and uncut. Hey, at least I have anon jailbait bbs a 9 incher, I thought to myself. Bobby young girls bbs went over to the guy, knelt between his legs, and when the host guy said to start, Bobby didn't do anything at first but stare at the guy through his eyes that were nearly closed. After about 30 seconds, all of a sudden Bobby goes lol teen models bbs to town on that guy's little rod like a Thai whore. Geez! I thought he was gonna inhale that thing, the way he was licking, and sucking and kissing that guy's schlong, and then he started tickling the guy's hairless tiny bbs balls with his hand."Hey, I didn't know we could do that!" protested Mark, but the host guy just shrugged. "We never said you couldn't," he responded.It couldn't have been more than 2 minutes before that guy blew his load into Bobby's mouth, and surprisingly, Bobby swallowed it all down like an old pro. The host guy announced, "2 minutes, 27 seconds." I was gonna make some smart aleck comment to Bobby about how he took naturally to BJs, but I didn't get the chance, as he stood over by Mark. He had bbs kids password a funny look on his face, I couldn't yountg bbs tell if he was gonna puke or what. His jaw was working, maybe like you do when you're trying to keep something down, bbs nude preeteen models I dunno."Eric, you're next."Geez, this was it. I walked over to the sofa, and turned to see who I was gonna hafta bbs yung preeteens pic blow. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was a really fem lookin' guy, just barely college age. He had longish dark blonde hair, hangin' in his face, a cute face (for a guy), about 5'4" tall, maybe 110 pounds. I had to look twice to make sure he wasn't a girl! I figured this'd go a lot easier for me than it might have, bbs pedo porn gallery he'd probably have a baby dick, and I could just pretend he was a girl with a really big clit. I'd sucked on enough of those, no prob.This guy kind of sashays over to the sofa, like that blonde guy on Queer Eye, and when he gets to the sofa, he stops, and looks straight into my eyes. I felt like a butterfly that'd been pinned to a piece of mounting board (hey, I took a course in Entomology, I'm not all jock!). I couldn't move or breathe for a second, just frozen. What the fuck? Then I figured it out. I'd been expecting this thing to be completely anonymous, no contact of any kind, like some anonymous bitch giving me a BJ outside the men's room in bbs ls girl a bar. But here this guy is, stopping and looking at me, as though we knew each other, or something. I didn't know the dude, and I didn't think he knew me.I shook my head a little and looked away. When I looked back, this guy was pushing his 501's down his hips in like super slow motion. His hips were so slim that they just slid down, without him even having to unbutton `em. The pants slid down like the dried skin that a snake sheds, I couldn't take my eyes off the sight. As the bd ls bbs waist of the pants bbs pretten slid over his crotch, the guy's hip hugger thong pouch seemed to explode out. Fuck! rumania little bbs kds This guy had a fuckin' major league package in his pants! Oh crap!I looked up at this guy's face, and damned if he wasn't still looking directly into my eyes, girls bbs kds even if I hadn't been looking back! Fuck, I was caught again! I couldn't figure out why this guy was able to do that to me, but it sure as hell was disturbing. It was clear to me this guy was a major faggot, but the host had said these guys were straight. I was trying to figure out how a fag slipping through would affect my chances, but that didn't help me. I mean, probably a queer would expect a really exotic BJ, and, let's face it, my experience in that area was limited.Or maybe vlad pre models bbs his being a fag would help me. A straight guy would have to get over the guy-guy thing before he'd get excited, but a queer would be way beyond that particular issue, lol. Anyway, the guy's pants were now pooled around his feet, and bbs gallery pee he stepped out of `em daintily. Then he stuck his thumbs in the waistband of his thong, and s-l-o-w-l-y began slipping them off his hips. God, I felt like a fuckin' chicken hypnotized by a snake! As the soft cotton fabric slipped over the very slight curve of his hips, I could amateur teens bbs see his skin was perfectly clear and blemish-free, kinda creamy white. He kept pullin `em down until the shape of his very large dick was clearly outlined, along with his massive, meaty balls.I swear there was even a wet spot in the front of his thong, darkcollection bbs porn anal about where his piss slit would be. Geez, this guy was leakin' already! The front of the thong bowed out as his dick got pushed from lying flat against his stomach, teen xxx bbs toplist to ilegal kids bbs standing out like a big, fucking meat little teenboy bbs cannon, to sticking straight out.....holy christ, this guy must be 11" long, and thick too! Fuckin' guy had 90 pounds of his 110 pounds concentrated in his rod! There was no way I could take my eyes off that dinosaur dick, but I don't think I was alone, every guy there was staring!This guy knew it, too. He slipped those thongs down a little further, and his dick, excuse me, his fuckin' sequoia, sprang out and flopped straight out, jerking up with every beat of his heart. Then his bull balls vaulted over the fabric to swing free between his legs. I barely noticed japanese bbs sex that he had no hair at all anywhere I could see. The guy shaved all around his dick! I'd never seen that, though I'd heard that gays and swimmers did that, though for probably different reasons, lol!Well, after takin' `em off his package, that bit of cloth was bbs naked kids model just a little wisp of nothing, and it just slipped right down his slim, hairless thighs to the floor. The guy was nude from the waist down. He reached down to free his balls from against his thighs, then sat down sweetly on the sofa where the others had sat, and spread his legs wide, inviting me in. I dimly heard the host say "Start!" through the loud pounding in my ears. I hustled down onto my knees, and, well, planted a big wet one on the deep purple knob of that photo bbs kds cut dick.It tasted a little salty, I guess the top 50 sites bbs guy's precum, not unexpected as I'd tasted my own cum on occasion in the past. Not bad, but not exactly something I was used to. If I could just pedo land bbs get this guy to shoot, then I'd be able elweb svens bbs to keep it down, I thought. I started swirling my tongue around that fat fuckin' dick head, barely able to get it in my mouth. I didn't care about where is ranchi bbs that, this wasn't a deep throat contest, it was a BJ contest, where I'd need to 1. get him to cum and ilegal bbs list 2. catch it all in my mouth.So I started jacking the guy's fat rod, stroking it the way I like it. It was amazingly warm, and, uh, massive, under teen bbs angel my fingers, and I could feel the guy's heart beating in that vein on the underside. To be honest, it felt vrey young bbs kind of nice. The host guy was announcing every minute as it passed, and at the 3 minute point, I japanese teen bbs remembered what Bobby had done to speed up things. So I brought my free left hand up and started caressing his hairless balls.They were big, plum-sized, and hot. I could feel `em moving slightly on their own as they pulled closer to his groin, hopefully he was getting closer to shooting. Still, no free bbs little pearls joy at the 5 minute mark, and I was starting to sweat. It didn't help that my own dick was hard as a rock, and twisted inside my inseam. I couldn't take the time to adjust myself, and what the fuck was I doing with a hard on anyway? What was I gonna do?Suddenly the faggy guy lifted his legs up, and young girls forum bbs it came to me! I liked feeling my ass hole with a finger every once in a while, and if this guy was gay, then he'd probably go for being fingered. So I shot my hand under his smooth, round ass and my middle finger young korean girls bbs fit right up in the damp, hot crevice between his cheeks. "Yeah," I heard him sigh under his breath. I knew I was on the right track. My middle finger shot right up, found his hole, and without a "How d'ya do?" it slipped inside his hole.Well, that started his hips rocking, and I started jacking and sucking faster. "Seven minutes," the host guy said. Fuck, I had to finish this up! I jammed my finger as deep in his ass as I could, the guy went, "Oh, Fuck!" and a big fat spurt of his cum shot against the roof of my mouth, catching me by surprise! I almost lost it, pulling away bbs photos 12 yr reflexively, but, thanks to Mary Sue Peterson, a cheerleader who'd once peed in litle angel bbs links my mouth by accident when I ate her pussy, I recovered quickly. I guess experience is important!The guy's cum, quite honestly tasted fine. It was sweet, and salty and all thick and gooey on my tongue. kds bbs cp movie pedo bbs lsmagazine I kind of enjoyed both the taste and the feel of it. It occurred to me that, if I young nude bbs directory were a girl, I'd probably be happy to give a guy a blow job. The guy ran his fingers through my hair as I swallowed, and said, "That was nice, sweetheart." I looked up at him, and he just smiled back junior girls bbs at me."7 minutes, 48 seconds," the host guy announced. Shit! young fresh bbs I was in 3rd out of 3 places, and if the 4th guy had any kind of a good time, I'd be shit out of luck too. I moved away from the sofa, the slim gay guy put his pants back on, and I went and 3d girls bbs stood over by Bobby. Bobby grinned at me."How'd you like it?" he said."Fuck you," I said. Bobby looked uncertainly at me."You mad or something?" he said."Well, I'm in last place. I just swallowed some guy's load, and if I lose anyway, I'm gonna be pissed!" I said."D'ya think that guy was cute?" Bobby said. What the fuck? Cute?===============Well, that's the end of Part 1, stay tuned for Part 2. If you'd like to let me know what you thought of it, contact me at ecolio157h700yahoo.com. Thanks, Jeff
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